Horia Vacarescu

An exceptionally gifted musician, Horia’s playing strikes at the very heart of the listener. Endowed with a magnificent intrinsic ability, he passes nonchalantly through the technical challenges of the instrument whilst his seductive tone enchants the auditor. Equally gifted as a soloist, recitalist and a chamber musician, his music will take you on a mystical journey through a realm of passion, adventure and oblivion.

Privileged to continue a tradition which goes back to Enescu and Milstein, Horia is committed to preserve music as an art. Following the example of his mentors, he makes it his moral responsibility to pass on his learning to further generations and he devotes a significant amount of his time to teaching younger musicians.

        “a great talent” - Rivka Golani
                    “panache and style” - Observer
                             “exhilarating performance” - This is Bristol